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Analysis of recurrent oral ulcer in patients with or without food allergy

Objective: This study was to investigate the relationship between recurrent oral ulcer and cow's milk allergy.

Data and Methods: The research collected 128 patients with recurrent oral ulcer that saw a doctor in the outpatient of our allergic reaction department from 2010 to 2015. All the patients joined this study with informed consents. The occurrence rate of the recurrent oral ulcer was calculated according to the detailed medical history and comprehensive laboratory test results, including serum specific IgE of food allergy, IgG test and oral food challenge test. Finally, a typical patient with recurrent oral ulcer was shown to strengthen the conclusion we got.

Results: 17 patients were directly related to food allergy and accounted for 13.3% of the total patients with RAU, with the ratio of male to female of 4.67:1. Among them, 6 were allergic to milk, with the ratio of male to female of 2:1. 1 was allergic to fish, 1 was allergic to soybean, and 2 were allergic to wheat. Among 17 patients, 2 showed ulcer symptoms on the day of treatment, 3 were in the early ulcer stage, 10 were in the ulcer stage, 2 were in the healing period.

Conclusion: Multiple food allergies can induce and aggravate recurrent oral ulcer. In addition, the patients in the ulcer stage have more ulcer symptoms than at early ulcer stage. We should make a detailed diagnosis and treatment from the perspective of food allergen in the treatment of recurrent oral ulcer.

Author(s): Xueyan Wang, Xiaorong Li, Haiyun Shi
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