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An intervention study on utilization of cauliflower leaf powder (CLP) on the nutritional status of selected rural school children of Kumarganj, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India

In our country, micronutrient deficiency is growing very rapidly and affects all category of the population. Cauliflower leaves are normally redundant and contain high nutritional value. But due to unawareness, ignorance and socio-economic factor influenced its use to treat various micronutrient deficiencies. So it can be exploited at domestic level by incorporating in powder form (most acceptable percentage) and prepared products i.e. Fara, Dhokla and Laddoo were given. These supplements were given along with their daily diet. After feeding trials, blood samples were again collected and analyzed for hemoglobin level. Anthropometric measurements were also taken before and after intervention. When compared the weight (kg) of boys and girls before and after intervention, it was found that average% weight gain were 13.45 and 14.66 respectively. Whereas, when compared the average% gain in height (cm) of boys and girls before and after intervention, were 2.11 and 1.26, correspondingly. It was found that% Increase in Haemoglobin of boys of age 10 year+ and Age 11 year+ was 20.12 and 12.83 respectively. Whereas% Increase in Haemoglobin of girls of age 10 year+ and Age 11 year+ were 8.33 and 13.75 respectively. Hence, cauliflower leaves powder (CLP) could be utilized to progress the nutritional status of the people.

Author(s): Sadhna Singh, Manju Lata Mishra, Pratibha Singh
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