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Biomedical Research

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An energy aware end-to-end trust mechanism for IoT healthcare applications

The current number of patients are increasing day by day in various countries. Present advances in computing technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) have provided economical and low cost equipment’s like cameras, embedded devices, smartphones. Embedded computing empowers the deployment of Smart Health care applications that can improve medical treatment effectively. Most of existing Health Monitoring systems are vulnerable to environmental and operational damages. These existing systems are not guaranteed end to end trust for patient health data. Most of existing methods energy performance are very poor in terms of communication latency and communication overhead. We propose an energy aware end-to-end trust mechanism for IoT healthcare applications. We discuss how to provide end to end trust for IoT health applications and how to improve the efficiency of health care applications. The results of the evaluation determine the effectiveness of proposed method. When compared to existing method our proposed technique reduces 24% communication overhead and 18% latency between end user and gateways and provides end to end trust for medical data transferring from on medical sensor node to another.

Author(s): Praveen Kumar Reddy M, M Rajasekhara Babu
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