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An efficient secure authentication on cloud based e-health care system in WBAN

The wireless body area network has emerged a new technology for e-health care system. WBAN collects the sensitive data on a patient’s body and these data are stored in cloud servers and shared by various users. Various research works are carried out due to its sensitiveness and privacy problems. In sensor networks, spoofing attack is trouble-free to initiate (i.e.) an attacker pretends to be someone else to gain access to restricted resources or to steal information. Most conventional security approaches used cryptographic authentication to prevent spoofing attacks. Due to their computational complexity these security approaches are not always desirable. This paper proposed an Integrated Secure Authentication (ISA) in e-health Care application using cloud environment to use spatial information of Received Signal Strength (RSS), a physical property associated with each node, that is difficult to modify, and not based on cryptography. Similarly, Tri Mode Algorithm is introduced that can secure the data storage and fully authenticated data sharing from the use of Trusted Third Party (TTP). The algorithm can be implemented on three stages SetUP, CheckUP and LockUP. A simulated and analytical result highlights the security, efficiency and simplicity of our proposed scheme is better than the existing approach.

Author(s): A. Antony Viswasa Rani, E. Baburaj
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