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An animal experiment on structural changes in hip cartilage cells in lumbosacral plexus nerve block based on triamcinolone dose and duration

This study aimed to observe the impact of Triamcinolone (TRI) on distal articular cartilage in rabbits subjected to Lumbosacral Plexus Nerve Block (LBPNB). A total of 32 New Zealand white rabbits were randomly divided into four groups: A1, 2.5 ml × 2 times; A2, 2.5 ml × 4 times; B1, 5 ml × 2 times; and B2, 5 ml × 4 times. The interval among these treatments was 5 d. Structural changes in Hip Articular Cartilage (HAA) were observed using an electron microscope, and flow cytometry was performed to detect the number of apoptotic cells for verification. Lower-limb muscle strength in these four groups was maintained at grades II-III after LBPNB; the electron microscopy results revealed that the HAA structures and development degrees in these four groups did not differ significantly, and the flow cytometry results were consistent with the electron microscopy results. Short-term (up to 20 d) intermittent (up to 4 times) Nerve Block (NB) combined with TRI (doses up to 10 mg) had no impact on hip cartilage cells.

Author(s): Dashou Wang, Qian Chen, Qi Pan, Xuesong Li, Fengjun Cai, Qinming Wu, Yong Gan, Fei Meng, Ping Luo, Hong Xiao, Yunxia Zuo
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