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Age dependent changes of cell update markers and endothelial activity related to the involutionary transformations of the skin system

Aim: The main aim of the study is to examine the collagen-elastic skeleton of the skin and markers of cellular renewal in the epidermis during aging, as well as age-related changes in the expression of endothelial markers of human skin.

Materials and Methods: The material of the study was the skin fragments taken during the first 4-12 h after death of 20 women under the age of 35 y and of 24 women over 50 y. All women were of the Eurasian race. Evaluation of collagen and elastic fibers was carried out by means of coloring according to Weigert-Van Gieson. Level of expression of Ki-67 and p53 by epidermocyte was determined by immunohistochemical methods, and also the expression of CD31 and ICAM-1 receptors on endothelial cells of skin fragments obtained by autopsy of corpses were evaluated.

Results: With aging, against an increase in the number of skin elastic fibers, the amount of collagen fibers reduced. At the same time, the amount of decorin in the extracellular matrix decreased. In older age groups, the Ki-67 label index decreased, while the expression level of p53 in the epidermis was low in young people.

Discussion: A significant reduction in the number of capillaries of the papillary layer and the number of CD31-endotheliocytes in the older age group was found, while the level of ICAM-1 expression in the study groups did not change.

Author(s): Manturova NE, Kononov AV, Gorodilov RV, Stupin VA, Litvitsky PF, Silina EV
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