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Adaptive analysis & reconstruction of 3D DICOM images using enhancement based SBIR algorithm over MRI

The images can be visualized in three dimensional (3D) by means of different technique, these 3D techniques are used to improve the view of images. Converting two dimensional (2D) images into 3D images is a significant part of image application. A resourceful approach of 3D image reconstruction is implementing to execute a certain procedure that applied to X-ray medical image. The paper deals with the DICOM images reconstruction which is originally very helpful for manufacture of modified anatomical implant by using rapid prototyping technology. The researchers are gradually focusing on biomedical 3Dimaging improvement. The MAT LAB image processing has been powerfully developed and almost implements in every modern topographical modalities. The CT slices of involved region of modified implant in DICOM arrangement are initially pre-processed using developed MATLAB code. These files can be additional used for Rapid Prototyping. This project in biomechanical area has been urbanized to give the ability in very cheap cost with highest technological support moderately with expensive import facilities and software. This approach is implemented via four steps preprocessing, image enhancement, image contour then image reconstruction and visualization. Suggest a proposed researcher is based on novel analytical model which can put to gather in sequence from any source (i.e.) Slicer Based Image Retrieval (SBIR) mechanism to get back applicable medical imagery bottom on their features.

Author(s): Padmaja Grandhe, Sreenivas Reddy Edara, Vasumathi Devara
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