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Biomedical Research

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Activity induced by a danazol derivative on perfusion pressure and coro-nary resistance in isolated rat heart

Experimental studies suggest that danazol can be associated with changes in blood pressure. Nevertheless, there is scarce information about the effects of danazol and its derivatives at cardiovascular level. To clarify on this phenomenon, we evaluated the effects of danazol de-rivative on perfusion pressure in isolated rat heart using Langendorff flow model. Our re-sults demonstrated that pregnenolone-derivative (10-9 mM) significantly increase the perfu-sion pressure (p = 0.05) and vascular resistance (p = 0.05) in isolated heart. The activity in-duced by danazol derivative on perfusion pressure (10-9 to 10-4 mM) was blocked in presence of nifedipine (10-6 mM).These data suggest that activity induced by danazol derivative on perfusion pressure and vascular resistance is dependent upon its chemical structure. This phenomenon involves the L-type calcium channel activation through a non-genomic molecu-lar mechanism

Author(s): Figueroa-Valverde Lauro, Díaz-Cedillo Francisco, Lopez-Ramos Ma, Garcia-Cervera Elodia
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