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Accidents involving migrant seasonal agricultural worker

Migrant Seasonal Agricultural Worker (MSAW) labor is one of the most difficult forms of agricultural labor. There is no national data about number, the accident exposed type and reason of MSAW. This study aims to provide contribution to the literature by analyzing accidents among MSAW in sample of Adana. Data were analyzed with respect to type, cause, result and time of incident, age and gender of victims, and other factors. MSAW always have potential work-related accident dangers such as pesticide poisoning, falls, carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning, run over (etc.) in addition to health problems due to poor living conditions. Further, the most important risk is that transportation to and from places often occurs in unsafe and overcrowded vehicles. This kind of studies will help to develop policies and training programs to eliminate the health risks of these individuals.

Author(s): Murat Darcin, E Selcen Darcin, Murat Alkan, Gurdogan Dogrul
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