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Accident and traffic analysis using GIS

Road traffic accidents have been recognized as one of those adverse elements which contribute to the suffocation of economic growth in the developing countries, due to the heavy loss related to them, hence causing social and economic concern. Traffic safety is an important key and plays an integral role in sustainable transportation development areas. Now days, the main negative impact of modern road transportation systems are loss of property injuries and deaths in road accidents. The success of traffic safety and highway improvement programs hinges on the analysis of accurate and reliable traffic accident data. This study analysis the present state of traffic accident information on three highway namely NH 47 Gandhipuram to Avinashi, NH-209 from Gandhipuram to Annur and NH 67 Gandipuram to Mettupalayam, Coimbatore District. It also discusses the Identification of high accident rate locations suggested using an ArcGIS Software and safety deficient areas on the highways. As the remedial measures are implemented in those accidental locations (Black Spots) the incidents of accident may be reduced.

Author(s): Anitha SD Selvasofia, Prince G Arulraj
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