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A walk-through: complete survey on blood pressure monitoring devices and applications

Every organ in the body needs oxygen to work actively. The oxygen is supplied when the blood passes through each part of the body by means of arteries. Factors like smoking, alcohol, stress, over salt in the diet may cause the artery wall to get narrower. As a result, the blood cannot pass through the vital organ, as a result, the organs in the body cannot work properly. So it may result in the heart failure, coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease, vision loss, etc. In most of the cases of the hypertension, there won’t be any symptoms or alert in the body. But it may result in serious health problem which may leads to loss of life also. That’s why hypertension is also called as silent killer. Mostly older age people are affected by hypertension and many people in the rural area are not aware of it. So devices like blood pressure monitor help them in monitoring their blood pressure periodically. This will lead to longer and healthy life style. This paper provides the survey about different blood pressure monitor. This will be helpful for both rural and urban peoples.

Author(s): Jeyanthi N, Gokulnath BV
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