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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences


A two-dimensional triangular medical coding system for storing and reporting medical information

Medical coding is an integral part of modern communication standards that help transform many types of clinical information such as patient information. The need to implement a standardized and a universal medical coding system is essential. The current study introduces a unique two-dimensional triangular medical coding system to identify, store and transmit clinical data based on the ICD-10 system between health institutions. The coding system comprises a triangular coding unit that can be arranged in six different standard geometric shapes representing the coding mechanism. A specific number of coding units are arranged in columns to form a cryptographic matrix. The matrix is comprised of many coding zones each generating a total number of “36” possible variations. The cryptographic code is then recognized by a digital scanner that is able to identify each triangular coding unit using a hypothetical signal triangle. The current coding system provides a simple process to store private medical information including patient ’ s name, age, address, and medical history. This information can be then transferred electronically or printed without the fear of privacy or security violations.

Author(s): Bandar Ali Suliman
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