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A study to evaluate the effectiveness of video assisted comprehensive teaching program in enhancing knowledge, reducing stigma and effect on bio chemical variables among tuberculosis patients: a pilot study

The present study was undertaken to assess the level of knowledge on TB among TB patient and to assess the stigma regarding TB in TB patient and to evaluate the effect of video assisted comprehensive teaching program on enhancing knowledge and reducing stigma. The current study was a quasiexperimental, pre-test, and post-test design. TB units of Ernakulam district; TB patients; simple random sampling technique size=30 (10 in each group). The results revealed that the median difference of knowledge among three groups was 3.00 computed value by Wilcoxon Signed rank test showed statistically significant differences in the pre-test and post-test values (Booklet pre vs. Booklet post, p=0.002, VAT pre vs. VAT post p=0.002, Booklet+VAT pre vs. Booklet+VAT post p=0.004 respectively). The findings of this pilot study showed that the knowledge of TB patients with regard to tuberculosis disease was not significant as most of the patients were only having primary education. This has important implications for nursing education. As nurses are in an ideal position to play a positive role in increasing the awareness of the disease and encouraging prevention strategies among TB patients, they should possess a thorough knowledge of TB disease. In addition, creating proper awareness about its cause, transmission, prevention and making the availability of public service are very essential through the VAT and booklet on TB. The content of both booklet and VAT will provide basics of TB, good food habits, mindful breathing exercise. The pilot study showed that booklet, VAT, B+VAT are all effective. It is preferred to give B+VAT as it would help to understand the importance of the teaching in all setting by all.

Author(s): Prabha Grace SR, Abdul Jaleel, Vijayaraghavan R, Shanthi
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