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A study on the effect of Cryotherapy and LEEP in cervical dysplasia

This study was undertaken to ascertain whether Cryotherapy and LEEP (Loop electrosurgical excision procedure), are effective in the treatment of cervical dysplasia. 450 cases were screened for Cervical dysplasia, 80 cases were selected for treatment on the basis of Pap smear, VIA and Colposcopy. HPV testing was done to detect presence or absence of virus. Cervical punch biopsy was followed by Cryotherapy in cases of LSIL in cytologically and Colposcopically diagnosed small lesion on the cervix while cases of LSIL with large lesion on cervix & cases of HSIL were taken for LEEP. These cases were prospectively followed at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year using Pap and colposcopy. Among 80 cases, LSIL was seen in 58 females and 22 had HSIL in their Pap smear. In 14 cases, VIA was done while in 66 Colposcopy was carried out. In 41 cases, LEEP was done and in 39 cases, cervical biopsy was followed by Cryotherapy. 6 cases were lost to follow-up, 4 cases became pregnant after treatment. Follow-up was done in 70 cases. Out of 34 cases of Cryotherapy, residual disease was seen in 1 case and recurrence of disease in 4 cases. Post-LEEP, 2 cases had residual disease after 3 months for which repeat Cryotherapy was done. After 1 year, recurrent disease was seen in 2 cases. This study showed that post Cryotherapy cure rate is 88.2 % and post LEEP cure rate is 94.4% in treating cervical dysplasia.

Author(s): Ziyauddin Farah, Sharma Rajyashri, Shaheen
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