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A study of sutural morphology of the pterion and asterion among human adult Indian skulls

The pterion and asterion are points of sutural confluence seen in the norma lateralis of the skull. Their patterns of formation exhibit population based variations. The sutural mor-phology of the pterion and asterion is important in surgical approaches to the cranial fossae. 125 human skulls of known gender (83 male, 42 female) were examined on both sides. Four types of pterion were observed – sphenoparietal 69.25%, frontotemporal 17.35%, stellate 9.7% and epipteric 3.7%. Two types of asterion were also observed – type I in 23.15% cases and type II 76.85% cases. These findings should be of use in surgical approaches and inter-ventions via the pterion and asterion

Author(s): Hussain Saheb S , Mavishetter GF, Thomas ST, Prasanna LC, Muralidhar P, Magi
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