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A study of oral lesions among H.I.V positives in a tertiary care hospital.

The objective of the present study was to determine the pattern and prevalence of oral lesions in 514 seropositive patients from central area of Madhya Pradesh. Methods: The study sample comprised of 514 patients attending the regional ART Centre at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. Confirmation of seropositivity was done by serial rapid tests and the oral lesions were diagnosed based on clinical appearance. Results: Out of 514 patients, oral lesions were encountered in 74.70% of the patients. Oral candidiasis outnumbered all other manifestations with a prevalence of 41.05%. Multiple manifestations were seen in nearly all patients. The pattern of oral lesions associated with HIV infection was not markedly different from those reported in literature, however, the prevalence of such type of lesions differ slightly.

Author(s): Karuna Jindwani, Keshav Singh, Himanshu Dadlani
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