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A Study of Morphological Features of Attachment Area of Costoclavicular Ligament on Clavicle and First Rib in Indians and its Clinical Relevance

The present study was conducted on the dried specimens of adult clavicles (118) and first ribs (184) of Indian origin. The various patterns of attachment area of costoclavicular liga-ment on clavicle were depressed and rough (30.97%), flat and rough (28.32%), elevated and smooth (19.47%), elevated and rough (9.73%), flat and smooth (6.19%) and depressed and smooth (1.77%). 3.54% clavicles showed no impression on the ligamentous area. On first rib the corresponding area was elevated and rough (50.54%), elevated and smooth(16.31%) flat and rough (15.22%) and flat and smooth(17.93%).64.29% of ossified costal cartilages showed elevated and rough type of pattern .The smooth, elevated and circumscribed im-pressions were considered as faceted apophysis. It was concluded that the most common type of pattern on clavicle was depressed and rough and corresponding to it the most com-mon pattern on first rib was rough elevation. At times, these normal morphological variants may be misinterpreted as pathological in radiological images.

Author(s): Anita Rani, Jyoti Chopra, Archana Rani, Suniti Raj Mishra*, AK Srivastava, PK Sharma, Rakesh Diwan
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