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A rare case of report of primary cardiac liposarcoma infiltrating the left atrium and mitral valve

Background: Primary cardiac sarcomas are quite uncommon. Among them, liposarcoma originating from the mitral valve are exceedingly rare and usually manifests as a large, infiltrating mass. However, in our cases, the cardiac liposarcoma is characterized by an invasive and infiltrating growth rather than exophytic growth which take the form of a large mass.

Case presentation: A 59 y old man presented with 4 months history of chest pain, lower extremity edema and weight loss and was evaluated by the cardiovascular surgery for tumor excision. We removed the tumor as completely as possible and replaced the mitral valve. Histology confirmed the diagnosis of liposarcoma after operation. The patient recovered uneventful but was died at 6-month after surgery.

Conclusion: Primary cardiac liposarcomas are extremely rare and there are no guidelines to diagnosis and treatment. Cardiac Computed Tomography with electrocardiographic gating can provide useful and accurate anatomic and functional information for guiding treatment. The aggressive tumors and partial surgical resection may portend a worse prognosis.

Author(s): Zhe Liu, Xiaogang Bai, Jing Wang
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