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A prospective study of laboratory findings in dapsone treated patients with Pemphigus vulgaris and foliaceus

Background: Pemphigus is an autoimmune disorder of skin and mucous membranes that appears in the form of blistering on skin and mucous membrane and may lead to loss of life in the absence of proper treatment. Treatment is effected by using immunosuppressant drugs such as Azathioprine cyclophosphamide and some others.

Objective: Our purpose of this study was to survey about blood, hepatic and renal side effects of dapsone with the patients affected by Pemphigus.

Methods: The test was carried out on 37 patients who were suffering from acute Pemphigus and had undergone some therapy with dapsone amongst which 5 patients were excluded from the research because of hepatic and hematic symptoms. The study was carried on with 31 patients with an average age of 40 ± 17.5. They had no symptoms necessitating the stop of administration of the medicine.

Results: Statistical analysis indicated no significant difference in the test results before and after the therapy and only platelet counts showed significant difference before and after the therapy (p<0.05).

Conclusion: This study indicated that among all disagreements about dapsone treatment, dapsone can be applied as adjuvant therapy.

Author(s): Mona Afrasiabi, Shabnam Esmaeilinejad, Vahid Asgary, Reza Ahangari Cohan, Tahereh Naji, Hassan seirafi, Razieh Bigdeli, Sepideh Mohamadi
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