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A preliminary study on fauna of medical important solpugid (Chelicerata: Arachnida: Solifugae) in Kashan City, Central Iran.

Solpugids are an order of hunter arthropods. They do not have poison glands or sting, but they can hunt animals larger than themselves using their powerful and large chelicerae. Due to their aggressive behavior and scary look, solpugids cause fear and horror in humans. Given the importance of solpugids in terms of causing fear, discomfort and the possibility of infection in case of biting, determining its species was noted in Kashan. This study was a descriptive research. Sixty five specimens of solpugids collected from homes and dormitories in Kashan City by hand-collecting method and were transferred to laboratory. All specimens had been collected from public and commuting places. The collected solpugids were preserved in 70% ethanol and were identified using special and valid keys under stereo-microscope in the laboratory. It was shown that at least 3 species of solpugids from Rhagodidae, Galeodidae and Gylippidae families exist in Kashan. Among 65 solpugids collected, 51% were identified Galeodes caspius, 41.5% Gylippus lamelliger and 7.5% Rhagodes melanochaetus. At least 3 species of solpugids live in 3 families in Kashan that sometimes penetrate the houses and dormitories. Thus, it is recommended that citizens be trained about the importance of these animals in ecosystem and that they know that these animals are not toxic.

Author(s): Dehghani R, Kassiri H, Mazaheri-Tehrani A, Hesam M, Yaselyani N, Akbarzadeh F
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