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A non-invasive tongue controlled wireless assistive device for quadriplegics

Individuals with spinal cord injuries, particularly quadriplegic patients, are carrying on with an exceptionally difficult life. There arises a need to develop an assistive innovation which can ease the difficulty faced by quadriplegic patients in this circumstance. There are a few advancements intended to help quadriplegic patients face their challenges. This project proposes one of those advancements, a noninvasive tongue controlled wireless assistive device which possesses a head mounted IR sensor set reciprocally on either side of the cheeks. This has been planned diplomatically for the easy use of the quadriplegic patients. Here the patient's tongue manoeuvring is distinguished by an ease intelligent Infrared sensor, which is then converted into commands and remotely transmitted to show on the LCD screen. The adjustment in reflection power of the sensor by the tongue movement enables to give several commands.

Author(s): Priyanka G, Pranitha N, Deepa Madathil, Vidhya S
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