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Biomedical Research

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A computational model to analyze medical web pages for optimized search results

With the phenomenal growth of World Wide Web and the huge number of web sites with so many web pages, finding relevant information becomes quite difficult for the web users. Web site promoters also need to ensure that their web site is on the top of the search results for better market share. Finding the right combination of keywords and placing them at the appropriate places may help in bringing the web site on the top of search results when a search engine searches the web sites and creates indexes. Over the years web site optimization research has reported encouraging results. Despite promising results, data mining techniques for web sites classification have hardly been applied. An appropriate implementation of classification of web pages may help designing the web pages accordingly. Here in this work data mining using R’s web scraping technique has been used for performing extraction of web pages and also pair of java tools called “website” and “webscrap” were developed to automatically get pages and for further analysis of the downloaded pages. This is the first attempt to analyze medical related nomenclature using.

Author(s): Sethuraman J, Manikandan R, Sekar KR
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