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A computation study on the effect of orientation of fibular allograft with screw in treating the femoral head necrosis

Key steps for femoral head necrosis should meet the criteria of lesion debridement with less trauma and providing biology repair materials and structure support. To our knowledge, Fibular Allograft with Impaction Bone Grafting (FAIBG) as a minimally invasive technique could solve these problems, which has attained stable clinical effects. However, clinical doctors and researchers still debate the orientation of the implant. This study used computational biomechanical technique to explore the optimal orientation of FAIBG though investigating and analysing the stress distributions of anterolateral column and peak stress. The results indicated that the orientation of core decompression with FAIBG may attain better biomechanical conditions for the repair of osteonecrosis.

Author(s): Zhenqiu Chen, Xu Chen, Zhinan Hong, Jianfa Chen, Guoju Hong
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