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A case of osteomalacia initially followed as restless leg syndrome for 6 months

Osteomalacia is a bone disease, characterized by the inability of newly formed bone matrix to undergo mineralization. The most common symptoms are generalized bone pain and widespread body pain, while some patients are asymptomatic. Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a sensory-motor neurological disease. The main symptoms are abnormal sensations in the legs and dysesthesia. Symptoms worsen at night and affect sleep quality. We present a case of a woman with a progressive hip and feet pain. Many biochemical, clinical, and radiological tests were performed for diagnosis. All were found to be normal. The patient was diagnosed as having RLS. 0.25 mg pramipexole was given for treatment. Patient symptoms patient escalated over six months. The patient was reassessed after six months. Vitamin D levels had not been previously examined. We found low vitamin D and calcium levels, as well as pseudofractures in radiography. The diagnosis was changed to osteomalacia. Vitamin D and calcium treatment were started. Symptoms began to regress from the first week of treatment.

Author(s): Ceyhun Varim, Bilgehan Atilgan Acar, Turkan Atilgan Acar, Neslihan Aybala Alagoz
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