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A 65-year-old woman with ten-year diarrhea after eating cooked rice.

If allergists work together with commonweal media, common knowledge of anaphylaxis and usual allergen categories may be more familiar to most of us, patient’s risk from severe anaphylaxis will be reduced greatly. Carefully to recognize illness history, recent activity, and customs in daily life is the key to diagnose an anaphylaxis. We present a 65-year-old woman with history of food allergy who presented to the emergency room and then our allergy clinic for evaluation after suffering anaphylaxis after a meal. Subsequently, examinations include skin prick test (SPT), serum specific IgE test (sIgE), total IgE test (tIgE) and bronchial relaxation test were determined. However, only SPT result showed that the patient is positive to rice, results of other tests were negative. After follow an instruction on avoidence of rice and rice made food for a period of time, long-term diarrhea was mitigated. This case illustrates that rice allergy could lead to severe diarrhea and may aggravate asthma. Hence, allergists should consider the single food factor which seem to be unimportant with a results of positive SPT but negative sIgE.

Author(s): Xueyan Wang
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