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3D bones segmentation based on CT images visualization

Currently, in the medical imaging, equipment produces 3D results for better visualization and cure. Likewise, need of capable devices for representation of these 3D medicinal images is expanding as it is valuable to view human tissues or organs straightforwardly and is an immense support to medical staff. Consequently, 3D images recreation from 2D images has attracted several researchers. The CT images normally composed of bones soft tissue and background. This paper presents 3D segmentation of leg’s bones in Computed Tomography images (CT scan). The bone section is extracted from each 2D slice and is placed in the 3D space. Surface rendering is applied on 2D bone slices. The data is visualized via multi-planar reformatting, surface rendering, and hardware-accelerated volume rendering. At last, the paper presents an enhanced technique to reproduce 3D bone segmentation in medicinal images that exhibits promising outcomes as compared to the techniques reported in literature. The proposed technique involves contour extraction, image enhancement, segmentation, outlier reduction and 3D modelling.

Author(s): Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim, Alireza Norouzi, Amjad Rehman, Tanzila Saba
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