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Evaluation of the effect of Guided Tissue Regeneration with or without te-tracycline root conditioning in the treatment of intrabony defects-A Clini-cal and Radiographic study

The present study was designed to comparatively evaluate the effect of G.T.R. with or with-out tetracycline root conditioning in the treatment of intrabony defects using a resorbable membrane. To achieve these aims, the following objectives were followed: Evaluation of pre surgical probing depths (PD) and it’s comparison post operatively. Comparison of the clini-cal attachment levels (CAL) pre surgically and post surgically. Assessment of the change in the overall area of the intrabony defect after the periodontal surgical treatment. The test group (n = 10) received resorbable barrier membrane with tetracycline root conditioning, while the control group (n=10) received the same membrane without tetracycline root condi-tioning for treating the intrabony defects. Both the treatment modalities resulted in a sig-nificant reduction in pocket depth and significant gain in both clinical attachment levels and bone levels post operatively after six months. Intergroup comparison of the parameters, re-vealed no statistically significant differences. Combining GTR. technique with the tetracy-cline root conditioning does not seem to improve the results following surgical treatment of intrabony defects.

Author(s): Ruby Khan, Afshan Bey, S.S.Ahmed, Mohd. Haroon khan

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