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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences


Effective and inexpensive eye computer interfaces system to help handicapped persons.

Human machine interface is the main solution in the field of rehabilitation. This paper uses the eye signal to command the computer to perform tasks according to programmed application, different applications could be programmed and developed to carry out daily tasks and entertainment like reading, writing and navigating. A new simple proposed EOG system is used to capture the eye signal effectively. An algorithm also is developed and used to extract information from captured EOG using LabVIEW software. A programmed eye book reader application is used to test the performance of the system. The results of the new hardware and used algorithm are approved their ability to be used with high efficiency and accuracy to control different applications using EOG signals.

Author(s): MA Fkirin, AS El-Sherbeny, El-Saadany A, S Badawy

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