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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences

Biomedical Applications in Health Sciences
The cost-effective options in combating COVID-19.

Author(s): Sunil J. Wimalawansa

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Evaluation of hepatic enzymes activities in COVID-19 patients in Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Author(s): Rundk Hwaiz, Badraldin Hamad, Mohammed Merza, Shirin Hama Salih, Younis Smael, Mustafa Mohammed, Harmand Hama

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Targeting of the receptor for advanced glycation end products regulates neutrophil infiltration and extravascular recruitment in mice acute pancreatitis.

Author(s): Mohammed Yousif Merza, Tola Abdulsattar Faraj, Rawaz Dilzar Tawfiq, Rundk Ahmed Hwaiz, Harmand Ali Hama, Younis Sadiq Smael

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Osteogenesis of Human Embryonic Stem Cell

Author(s): Ahmed S

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Principles and effectiveness of microbiological containment measures in COVID-19 pandemic induced by SARS-CoV-2.

Author(s): Ayesha Rafiq, Abeer Kazmi, Amir Ali, Sher Mohammad, Naeem Shah, Kiran Shabir, Sumaiya Khatoon

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