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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences

Different tracking technologies for intelligent and intuitive hri

Joint Event on International Conference on Robotics and Automation & Biomaterials and Nanomaterials
October 22-23, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

Pradipta Biswas

Indian Institute of Science, India

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : Biomed Res

DOI: 10.4066/biomedicalresearch-C6-017


Tracking plays an important role for any robotic development. Traditionally, tracking technologies are investigated for object tracking in large scale geographic area. In this talk, we shall explore tracking human body parts from a perspective of proposing new types of human robot interaction. The talk will present different types of sensors for tracking eye gaze, head, finger, hand and other body part movements and utilizing them in designing new types of interactive technologies. Case studies will be discussed from a variety of domains like military aviation. automotive and assistive technology and their applications in human robot interaction design.


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