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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences


Joint Event on Global Congress on BIOTECHNOLOGY & Annual Congress on EMERGING MATERIALS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
September 06-07 , 2018 | Bangkok , Thailand

Yash P Khanna

Innoplast Solutions Inc., USA

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : Biomed Res

DOI: 10.4066/biomedicalresearch-C4-011


While most major corporations around the world have escalated their efforts in recent years on improving the Environmental Impact and Sustainability via several routes, some breakthrough concepts enabled via biotechnology, have only lately emerged. For example, converting land and forest wastes, i.e., non-fossil raw-materials that are bio-sourced/ sustainable into chemicals; the latter besides numerous uses serve as building-blocks for traditional as well as new polymers. These initiatives leading to preservation of petroleum resources, reduction of air-land-ocean pollution, and utilization of free/undesirable raw materials are taking the environmental and sustainability efforts to all-time new heights. In this workshop, historic emergence of the bio-based plastics industry will be discussed starting with an era of waste management via biodegradation followed by a period of very high petroleum prices and proliferation of technology pipeline to develop traditional and new durable plastics, and now again through times of lower petroleum pricing/shale gas revolution. Despite turbulent events, reasons for steady-growth of this industry forecasted to be 34Blbs/year by 2020, will be highlighted. An overview will be presented on the state-of-thebioplastics industry today covering the breadth of polymers such as polyolefins, polyamides, polyesters, polycarbonates and more. Join us to witness how the field of polymers and plastics is being re-invented by converting bio-sourced rawmaterials from agricultural-waste into high-quality products that otherwise have been traditionally derived from fossil fuels; an adventure we have not seen in the chemical industry since the 1960’s.