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Volume 28, Issue 20
Role of atrial septal pouch (ASP) in migraine etiology
Author(s): Murat Yilmaz, Metin Yilmaz, Mustafa Gokhan Vural, Riza Sarper Okten, Tahir Kurtulus Yoldas, Erdem Gurkas, Muhittin Serkan Yilmaz, Afsin Emre Kayipmaz, Cemil Kavalci
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Pathogens and antibiotic resistance of children with community-acquired pneumonia
Author(s): Ma Jinghua, Liu Gaizhuang, Chai Qiaoli
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Usage rates of treatments for cardiovascular prevention in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus without diagnosis of coronary artery disease
Author(s): Dilek Oztas, Mehmet Kayhan, Huseyin Balcioglu, Yasemin Saglan, Yunus Emre Sari, Ugur Bilge
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Therapeutic effect of berberine on renal atherosclerosis
Author(s): Zheng Xiaopeng, Xu Jizong, Wang Xusheng, Cao Fang
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Analysis of mechanical properties at different levels of the periodontal ligament
Author(s): Yu Yang, Wencheng Tang
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Medical image encryption based on multiple chaotic mapping and wavelet transform
Author(s): Xiao Chen, Chun-Jie Hu
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Influencing factors for lower extremity varicose veins in female nurses in East China
Author(s): Li Erding, Cao Shuyan, Zheng Weiwei, Yin Ying
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Wound healing process and related laboratory indexes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus after hyperbaric oxygen intervention
Author(s): Na Li, Xiang-En Meng, Da-Zhi Guo, Dan-Feng Fan, Shu-Yi Pan
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Role of microRNA-18a in the development of inner ear
Author(s): Liang Sun, Chang Dong, Xianren Wang, Kaitian Chen, Changwu Li, Geng Xu, Hongyan Jiang
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Efficacy of intelligent medical monitor terminal software based on modular design
Author(s): Tian Wenya
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Experimental study on the effect of outdoor cycling on the physical health of college students
Author(s): Niu Yunfei, Wang Qingbo, Li Bo
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Experimental research on the influence of aerobic exercise combining resistance exercise on the physical health of middle-aged and elderly people
Author(s): Lan Dawei
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Application effect of arthroscopy combined with external fixation support in the treatment of tibial plateau fracture
Author(s): Wei Li, Peng Xie, Wen-Hui Ruan
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3 Case reports of hypotension caused by sudden hypothyroidism after major orthopedic operation
Author(s): Ziming Chen, Qingtian Li, Yuanchen Ma, Junxing Liao, Qiujian Zheng
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Comparative analysis of integrated chemotherapy regimens in treatment of end-stage gastric cancer
Author(s): Xuezhu Jin, Leigang Nie, Junlai Xue
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Effects of oral administration of sodium nitrite on laminin expression in mice testicular interstitium: an immunohistochemical study
Author(s): Sara Amini, Mohammad Reza Nikravesh, Mehdi Jalali, Alireza Fazel, Ariane Sadr Nabavi
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Study on the influence of acupoints selection on ghrelin and GHSR expression in hypothalamus of diabetic gastroparesis rats
Author(s): Zenghui Yue, Ping Li, Li Liu, Xiaoli Chen, Qiqi Wen, Xinran Wei, Yan Wang, Jianling Yuan, Guoshan Zhang
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Relationship between life qualities of adolescents and dysmenorrhoea
Author(s): Fatma Deniz Sayiner, Nebahat Ozerdogan, Yunus Aydin, Didem Aslantas, Hikmet Hassa
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Comprehensive nursing intervention effect in treating hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage by minimally invasive surgery
Author(s): Gang Wang, Junnian Song
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Infection IL8 and IL10 and serum calcitonin original value (PCT) in clinical examination
Author(s): Xingpeng Xiao, Yifan Jia, Rong Guo, Xuan He, Hanling Ren
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Open reduction surgery for anterior dislocation of the shoulder combined with surgical neck fracture of humerus of badminton athletes
Author(s): Weiqiang Li
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Observation on clinical effects of minimally invasive puncture and borehole drainage for the treatment of chronic subdural hematoma
Author(s): Lu Shiyong, Zhang Jixin, Liu Aihua, Zhou Naiyun, Sui Qiangbo
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Clinical effects of recombinant human BNP in treating acute heart failure and study on its effects On TWEAK and nT-pro BNP
Author(s): Li Jing, Yuan Yiqiang, Zhang Li, Zhang Shenwei, Zhang Yu, Zhang Hua, Wang Mingjie, Zhang Jinying
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Expression of somatostatin and its receptor (SSTR) 1-5 gene in ectopic endormetrotic tissues and cells
Author(s): Hou Ping, Chen Long, Liu Hong, Zhang Weina, Liu Yansheng
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Allergic sensitization feature under high pollen exposure in grassland of China
Author(s): Xiaoyan Wang, Zongmei Tian, Huiyu Ning, Biao Zhang, Bula Hanban, Shaomin Chu, Huan He, Haiyun Shi, Xueyan Wang
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