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Biomedical Research

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Volume 29, Issue 20
Feature extraction based retinal image analysis for bright lesion classification in fundus image

Author(s): Ganesh Naga Sai Prasad V, Ratna Bhargavi V, Rajesh V

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Aberrant SEPT9 methylation in plasma cell-free DNA of CRC patients

Author(s): Mona Shayan, Afsaneh Mojtabanezhad Shariatpanahi, Seyed Morteza Seifati, Mohammad Amin Kerachian

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A review on optimized K-means and FCM clustering techniques for biomedical image segmentation using level set formulation

Author(s): Chenigaram Kalyani, Kama Ramudu, Ganta Raghotham Reddy

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Morphological study of Hyrtl's anastomosis in gestational diabetes mellitus and its relation to umbilical cord insertion

Author(s): Seema Valsalan E, Ramakrishnan PK, Chitra S, Senthil Kumar S, Sruthi MV, Akshara VR, Benjamin W

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Adrenal haemorrhage in the new born: revisited

Author(s): Rushaid NA Al-Jurayyan, Amal A Al-Hakami, Nasir AM Al-Jurayyan

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Assessment of occasional diathermy burn of central vessel triggered by hepatic tumor radiofrequency

Author(s): Zhong Jia, Shi-Jie Li

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Extracts of Oxalis triangularis shows broad spectrum antibacterial activity in acidic condition

Author(s): Yong-Gon Kim, Do-Gyu Ko, Hyun-Suk Kim, Jung-Sup Kim

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Age dependent changes of cell update markers and endothelial activity related to the involutionary transformations of the skin system

Author(s): Manturona NE, Kononov AV, Gorodilov RV, Stupin VA, Litvitsky PF, Silina EV

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The decline of HCV and HBV infection prevalence among haemodialysis patients in Southern Saudi Arabia: a success story

Author(s): Mohamed Elbagir K Ahmed, Haider A Omer, Ibrahim Jubran, Suliman M Al-Humayed, Husaam H Ali

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Changes in the degree of bacterial contamination of different areas of a dental unit chair used in the clinical practice of dental hygiene after disinfection

Author(s): Ga-Young Lee, Sol Lee, Seul Lee, Ho-Ju Lim, Su-Bin Bang, Seoul-Hee Nam

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Plasma antioxidant enzyme levels in smoker and non-smoker pregnant women and their correlation with uterine arterial Doppler parameters

Author(s): Ozgül Ozgan Celikel, Volkan Noyan, Osman Caglayan

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The effects of an interpersonal relationship improvement program on self-esteem, interpersonal orientation, and ego-resilience on Korean adolescents

Author(s): Young Ran Yeun, Hee Young Woo

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Inhibitory effect of PEG-5-Fu-MAMS combined with constant magnetic field on the growth of LoVo colon cancer cells in vitro

Author(s): Jiangang Liu, Zhichao Liu, Keqiang Wang

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IOT based monitoring system to detect the ECG of soldiers using GPS and GPRS

Author(s): Anuradha M, Sheryl Oliver A, Jean Justus J, Maheswari N

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