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Biomedical Research

An International Journal of Medical Sciences


Training of medical students in humanism

Today's society is very competitive, so medical students face huge employment pressure and life stress. Medical students' personal integrity or universities' teaching management are also problematic, which are reflected in medical students' lack of life respecting humanistic spirit. This suggests that the concept of medical education by which professional talents are trained does not adapt to the development requirements of modern medicine. This study finds lack of medical humanistic spirit among medical university students by way of visits, questionnaires and interviews to them; then proposes effective methods for training medical students' medical humanism through summarization and analysis of data. When just enrolled in the universities, medical students do not know the meaning of medical humanism, cannot properly understand the importance of medical humanism to medical professionals, and are unable to give proper suggestions on how to build medical humanism. But after five years of study, graduate interns can discover the importance of medical humanism to the development of medical industry upon specialized learning and clinical practice, and are capable of proposing effective countermeasures for building medical humanism based on their own experience. Effective countermeasures for training medical humanism are proposed as follows: specific countermeasures for training medical students' medical humanism such as establishing aims of training medical humanism, strengthening the construction of medical humanities discipline, creating the cultural atmosphere of medical humanism, and improving the management mechanism of medical humanities education.

Author(s): Fuqing Gong, Yunpeng Diao, Hongliang Sun, Yang Yao

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