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The piglets as an experimental model for elucidating effects of Availa-Zn-170 on growth performance, blood profile and nutrient digestibility.

The weaned piglet is a model for zinc deficiency in children. This study aimed comparing growth and nutrient digestibility of piglets with or without Availa-Zn-170 on diets. Two hundred and eighty-eight 7.5 ± 0.4 kg piglets, weaned at the age of 25d, were used to evaluate the effects of Availa-Zn-170 (17% amino acid zinc) on growth performance, blood profile, and apparent total tract digestibility of crude protein and digestible energy. Six dietary treatments were used: (1) Control diet without Zn supplementation (CON), (2) CON+20 mg/kg Availa-Zn-170 (Availa-Zn-20), (3) CON+40 mg/kg Availa-Zn170, (Availa- Zn-40), (4) CON+60 mg/kg Availa-Zn-170 (Availa-Zn-60), (5) CON+80 mg/kg Availa-Zn-170 (Availa- Zn-80), (6) CON+80 mg/kg feed grade zinc sulphate (Zinc sulphate-80). Our results showed during the overall period, piglets fed Availa-Zn-40 or Availa-Zn-80 had greater (P<0.05) average daily gain and G: F compared with other diets. Dietary treatments did not affect the apparent total tract digestibility of crude protein and gross energy determined on d 40. Compared with the control, the concentration of serum Zn on d 14 and 40 increased when Availa-Zn-170 was added. The results indicate that Availa- Zn-170 could be an effective organic zinc use as alternative to inorganic zinc to increase the growth performance and nutrient digestibility of weaned piglets.

Author(s): WB Chen, F Ji, D Liu, TL Ward, RJ Fang

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