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Risk factor analysis and trends of dyslipidemia in Type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects of an industrial population

Type 2 diabetes is increasing in prevalence in all populations world wide. The workplace has been internationally recognized as an appropriate setting for health promotion. The investi-gation was carried out to determine the prevalence of risk factors and trends of dyslipide-mia and hypertension in an industrial diabetic (type 2) population. A total of 54 type 2 dia-betic subjects were enrolled in the study from an industry in Vadodara. Anthropometric data (height, weight), fasting blood sugar, lipid profile values and blood pressure measure-ments were obtained from medical records. Student’s t test and ANOVA were applied. A high prevalence of risk factors was found among the diabetic subjects including pre-hypertension (37%), hypertension (53.7%), overweight (14.8%), obesity (57.4%), hypercho-lesterolemia (25.9%) and hypertriglyceridemia (39.6%). Around 87.2% of the subjects had ≥ 5 risk factors. Tracking data revealed consistently elevated blood sugar, lipid profile and blood pressure values. In conclusion, the results obtained indicate that there is a lot of scope for and benefit in initiating low cost and comprehensive diabetes prevention programs at the workplace for employees.

Author(s): Shonima Venugopal and Uma M Iyer

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