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Prevalence of toxoplasmosis as coinfection in Iraqi patients infected with tuberculosis

Objective: The aim of the paper is to study the prevalence of Toxoplasma infection in the TB patients in comparison with individuals apparently healthy. Methods: A total of one hundred and twenty-eight selected TB patients have collected from the specialized center for Chest and Respiratory Disease in Baghdad who have the TB symptoms. They divided into three groups; newly diagnosed TB (NDTB) (58), old diagnosed patients (ODTB) (36) and multidrug resistance patients (MDRTB) (34) compare with forty-six apparently healthy individuals as a control group. The detection depends on Anti-Toxoplasma IgG in their serums by using Toxoplasma IgG enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit. Results: The results of the anti-Toxoplasma IgG showed significant differences among the groups and control; mean ± SD 15.756 ± 3.1, 14.28 ± 3.04, 14.14 ± 3.27, 10.35 ± 3.14 respectively, and there were a highly significant differences between subgroups of patients and the control group in the percentage of infection with toxoplasma P=0.000. Conclusion: The present study concludes that the prevalence of anti-toxoplasma IgG among TB patients was highly significant than the healthy control group, and MDRTB subgroup has a high prevalence of Toxoplasma infection than other subgroups due to a weak immunological status, and increase antibacterial tolerance and the deteriorate prognosis of a disease.

Author(s): Ekhlass N. Ali, Shatha Zuheir Majeed, Ashwaq A. Kadhem, Alia Essam Mahmood Alubadi

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