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Oxytocin potentiates carbachol-induced lacrimation in female wistar rats

Oxytocin is a posterior pituitary hormone with important physiological functions. Oxytocin has traditionally important biological functions in regulating the uterine smooth muscle activity and milk ejection during lactation. This study was conducted on albino Wistar female rats to evaluate the effect of oxytocin on carbachol induced lacrimation. Groups of animals (n=7) were injected with oxytocin or its agonist [Thr4, Gly7]oxytocin 25 minutes before carbachol injection (0.6mg/kg i.p). In groups of animals pretreated with saline, there was 31.4 μl increase in carbachol induced tear secretions which was further increased to 65.2 μl and 47.3 μl, respectively after oxytocin and [Thr4, Gly7]oxytocin pretreatment. These results suggest a novel facilitatory role of oxytocin in carbachol induced lacrimation.

Author(s): Manoj G Tyagi

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