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Occurrence of blaCTXM-2, blaSHV, blaTEM genes in ESBL-producing bacteria from retail sausages in Kampar, Malaysia.

Overuse of antibiotics in the prevention and treatment of diseases among humans and livestock has led to the emergence of multi-antibiotics resistant bacteria worldwide. This includes bacteria which produce the enzymes extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs). This study reports the presence of β-lactamases-producing bacteria (35.7%) and ESBL-producing bacteria (21.4%) from retail sausages in Kampar, Malaysia and the detection of blaCTXM-2 (60%), blaTEM (40%) and blaSHV (20%) genes, but not blaCTXM-1 and blaCTXM-9 genes in these isolates. The bacteria harboring blaCTXM-2 and blaTEM genes were identified as Pseudomonas pneumotropica, whereas the bacteria harboring only blaSHV gene was identified as Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae. This is the first report of blaCTXM-2 in food source in Malaysia.

Author(s): Li-Yen She, Lih-Shin Tew and Choy-Hoong Chew

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