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Nosocomial infections in a district hospital in Turkey.

Nosocomial infections are significantly important health problems for both hospitals and patients. No data are available on nosocomial infections in South-East Anatolian region of Turkey region. This study was performed to determine the nosocomial infection rate and type in Kiziltepe State Hospital, Mardin within one year. The surveillance data of nosocomial infections in Kiziltepe State Hospital between January 1st and December 31th, 2010, was evaluated retrospectively. The epidemiological data was collected by laboratory and hospital-based active surveillance method between January and December 2010. 10,410 patients were hospitalized during this period. 27 (0.26%) hospital-acquired infections were detected. Incidence density was calculated to be 1.46. The highest rate of hospital infections (0.50%) was seen in the intensive care unit. The highest rate of infection was observed in the Thoracic Surgery Clinic (4.1%). In total, 55.5% of detected hospital-acquired infections were surgical site infections, 25.9% urinary tract infections and 11.1% were pneumonia. The frequency of nosocomial infections was found to be low in this hospital compared to other hospital infection rates reports from Turkey. The low infection rate was related with rapid patient circulation. The rate of nosocomial infection is high in intensive care unit patients, especially for surgical site infections. The results provide epidemiological information that will help to implement infection control policies in this hospital.

Author(s): Türkan Toka Özer, Özcan Deveci, Erkan Yula, Alicem Tekin, Keramettin Yan?k, Süleyman Durmaz

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