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Influence of recombinant human Endostatin on the expression of ERCC1 in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells.

Objective: To investigate the effect of Endostar and/or DDP on the expression of ERCC1 gene and to provide help to the secondary treatment of lung cancer.

Methods: Human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells were treated by DDP and rh-Endostatin. MTT method was used for detecting growth inhibition of A549 cells by Rh-Endostatin, DDP and combination of both drugs to determine the applied concentration.

Results: 1. By MTT method,Rh-Endostatin had no cytotoxic effect on A549 cells at the concentration of 300 μg/ml. IC30 of DDP to A549 cells was 0.34 μg/ml, and IC30 of DDP in combination with Rh-Endostatin to A549 cells was 0.13 μg/ml. 2. By real time PCR, mRNA relative expression of ERCC1 genes in each group were as follows: (i)1.00; (ii)0.88; (iii) 2.00; (iv)1.90; (v)0.77.The resulting: (1) Expression in all treatment groups was higher than that in control group. (2) Expression in combination treatment groups was higher than those in single-drug treatment group.

Conclusions: 1. Cytotoxic effect of DDP to lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells is enhanced by Rh-Endostatin. 2. Expression of ERCC1 mRNA in A549 cells is enhanced in combination treatment by DDP and Rh-Endostatin.

Author(s): Yu Xuan Che, Yan Yan, Xiu Hua Sun

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