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Identification of the sex of human hip bone by metric analysis of its anterior border

Identification of sex of an individual from human skeletal remains is the first and arguably the most important step encountered by both forensic experts and archaeologists. The hip bone is considered as an ideal bone for sex determination as it provides the highest accuracy levels for sex determination. The present study was done with an aim to find out important measurements of anterior border that will significantly differentiate the sex of hip bone. For the study 65 hip bones(35 male and 30 female) of known sex are obtained from the department of Anatomy of BLDEA’s Shri B. M. Patil Medical College Hospital and Research centre Bijapur. Three parameters used were distance between the anterior superior iliac spine to the superior end of the symphysial surface, distance between the anterior superior iliac spine to pubic tubercle and distance between the anterior superior iliac spine to iliopubic eminence which were measured using Vernier caliper. In the present study significant statistical difference was seen in between the mean values of all the three parameters of male and female hip bones on the both the sides.

Author(s): Vijayeendra Kanabur

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