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Effect of maternal oral ingestion of Aspirin on birth weight of wistar rat offspring.

This study was carried out to examine the influence of maternal oral ingestion of aspirin on the birth weight of off springs in Wistar rats. The experiment was performed with 30 rats consisting of 24 females and 6 males of body weights ranging between 200g and 250grams. The 6 males were separated from the 24 females; which were then divided into 2 groups of 12 each, A and B respectively. Nine female rats were then removed from each group to form classes A and B, while the remaining 6 females formed the control class C. Each was then placed in an enclosure for 2 days with a male after which they were examined for signs of copulation. Water containing soluble aspirin in varying doses was then administered to the rats in classes A and B on the various gestational days. Off springs of the animals were weighed and their weights recorded. A decrease in offspring birth weights was recorded to be more in class B, receiving higher doses of aspirin, compared to class A. The birth weights of the newborns in the control group were observed to be within the normal range of 5 to 6grams for Wistar rats. Maternal ingestion of aspirin led to the production of off springs with low birth weight, the severity depending on the dosage of aspirin administered.

Author(s): Thomas MA, Amosu AM, Degun AM , Oyegbile O and Ramakuela N

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