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Clinical application of absorbable anti-adhesive film in tendon repair

The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical effect of biologically absorbable antiadhesive film to promote zone II flexor tendon healing and reduce tendon adhesion. Eighty fingers of 67 postoperative patients of zone II flexor tendon repair were randomly divided into two groups: an anti-adhesion film group and a non anti-adhesion film group. After 12 weeks, the VAS method was used to assess the degree of hand pain. TAM standard was used to evaluate functional status of the finger flexor tendon. The Lovett classification method was used to evaluate muscle strength. Twelve weeks after operation, the VAS pain scores of the experimental and control groups were 1.9 ± 1.8 and 2.3 ± 1.9, respectively (P = 0.337). The standard evaluation system of TAM yielded excellent rates of 94.9% and 70.7% for the experiment and control groups, respectively. Significant difference was found between the groups (P = 0.000), with the value for the experimental group being significantly higher than that for the control group. The finger flexor muscle strength recovery to normal incidence rates of the two groups were 100% and 95.1%, respectively, with no significant difference (P = 0.162). In conclusion, anti-adhesive biologically absorbable film promotes zone II flexor tendon healing, prevents tendon adhesion, and improves the autonomic active function of fingers.

Author(s): Ji-Hong Wang, Lin-Qing Wu, Shang-Fei Jing, Chao-Qian Han, Zeng-Tao Hao, Shu-Zheng Wen

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