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Chemical fingerprinting of Saudi Arabian snake venoms using gel filtrationchromatography.

Snake bite is crucial medical emergency while the success of immediate care and anti-venom therapy mainly depend on the correct identification of culprit snake. We present a simple method for identification of six snake species including Echiscoloratus, Echispyramidum, Cerastescerastesgaspreti, Bitisarieatans, Najahaje Arabica, andWalterinnesiaaegyptia, using the gel filtration chromatographic profiles of their venoms. The chromatograms of venoms from different snake species showed peculiar patterns based on the number and location of peaks.Our findings suggest that chromatographic profiles of snake venoms provide a simple and reproducible chemical fingerprinting method for quick identification of snake species.

Author(s): Abdulrahman Al Asmari, Haseeb Ahmad Khan, Rajamohammed Abbas Manthiri

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