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Association of Creatine kinase (MB) and troponin (I) with electrocardiographic changes, in acute myocardial infarction

72 (Seventy two) patients with complaints of chest pain and discomfort were clinically examined and evaluated by using ECG, Creatine kinase MB and cardiac Troponin I. Of these, 61 patients were had diagnosed to have acute myocardial ?nfarction. 64% of them had elevated Creatine kinase MB whereas only 23% showed elevated Troponin I. Within the first six hours, Creatine kinase MB was elevated in 21% patients in contrast to 13% with elevated Troponin I. Elevated Creatine kinase MB was significantly associated with ECG changes (p<0.005)while Troponin I was not. Although, Troponin I was found to be 100% specific for Acute Myocardial Infarction, Creatine kinase MB was more sensitive. Diagnostic efficacy of Creatine kinase MB was also found to be more than Troponin I.

Author(s): Sharbari Basu, P. Uma Rani, A.R. Srinivasan

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