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Analysis of pressure relieving mechanisms for the prevention of decubitus ulcers

Pressure Ulcers, medically coined as 'decubitus ulcers' have been a major threat for rehabilitation of bed ridden patients for about a century, as these ulcers eventually leads to fatality. Managing the ulcer is very challenging so the best option being their prevention. There were two broad theories behind the etiology of its formation namely neurogenic and mechanical. Therefore intervention should also be neurogenic and mechanical. Neurogenic intervention is to prevent the chance of occurrence of stroke and other neurological pathologies while mechanical intervention is to prevent the accumulation of excess pressure under ulcer vulnerable regions. The skin over bony prominences are said to be pressure vulnerable regions. There were various technology developed to prevent the formation of ulcers. This paper will review existing technology and will add more on what is needed for early prevention.

Author(s): Sharmila Nageswaran, Prabhu Ramanathan

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