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Biomedical Research

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New Amides of Arachidonic-Acid as Potential Antiinflammatory Drugs: A Preliminary Study

The arachidonic acid is a precursor in the synthesis of eicosanoids: through the action of cyclooxygenase and peroxidase, it gives rise to prostaglandins then is converted into differ-ent substances involved in inflammation and in many physiological reactions as protectors of gastric mucosa. The aim of this research was to verify the pharmacological activity in a new series of amides of arachidonic acid. To this end, we have been synthesized new deriva-tives and performed cytotoxicity studies and preliminary studies of anti-inflammatory ac-tivity. Our data indicate that some compounds are able to control the NO and PGs bio-synthesis on inflammatory process through the in vitro inhibition of iNOS activity in J744.A1 macrophage cell line.

Author(s): Autore G, Marzocco S, Palladino C, Saturnino C, Sinicropi S, Spagnuolo A. Vivacqua E, A. Capasso

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